How Important Is Mobile Optimization?

How Important Is Mobile Optimization?

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When the internet and SEO first emerged, the only way to access the internet was via a computer. However, nowadays, people can access the internet from tablets, mobile phones, and even smartwatches. Desktop pages are not necessarily viewable on these devices. While many content management systems and website builders automatically create mobile versions, mobile optimization is still a somewhat manual process. Let’s look at the question, “How important is mobile optimization?”

Every year, the number of web searches conducted on mobile devices increases. Currently, it is well over half of all searches and looking to take the vast majority in the coming years. Therefore, mobile optimization is extremely important for your website. This includes making sure your website loads quickly on mobile, is navigable, looks attractive, and that most features remain usable.

Mobile optimization does not need to be difficult. Today, most web design teams ensure a baseline of mobile compatibility when building a website. At realdrseattle®, we have adopted a mobile first approach that prioritizes the mobile interface and user experience.

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