How Do Keywords On Social Media Work?

Most people promoting a website know the basics of how keywords work in SEO. Some may even understand metadata and the ins and outs of SEO content. However, keywords also matter elsewhere, like on social media. Keywords work differently on social media and for those just dipping their toes into social media marketing, it may seem hopeless. Luckily, at realdrseattle® we understand how to use keywords to get you noticed on social media. So, how do keywords on social media work?The first, most obvious use of keywords on social media, are tags. Tags allow users to place hashtags relevant to their post. Social media users can then sort by these tags to view other similar ones. For example, if a plastic surgery practice posts a breast augmentation before and after, they may use the tag “breast augmentation”. They should tag it with this tag, however, there will be millions of posts under this tag. To get noticed, they need to use other strategies.Similar to in content, accounts should use longer tail keywords as tags. While this should not be their sole focus because they do not get as much focus, identifying the mid-level tags gives you the best shot of being noticed. Using a good mix of high and low volume keywords is the best social media keyword strategy.To learn more about getting noticed on social media as a plastic surgery practice or medical spa, contact us via phone at 206-787-0784. You can also connect online via chat or contact form.

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