Google My Business For Doctors And Medical Practices

Google My Business offers a lucrative platform to get your practice noticed in your local area and beyond. Basically, if someone searches “cosmetic surgery near me”, having a Google My Business page makes it more likely that your practice will appear both higher in the search results and as an isolated card on the side of the results. These are not the only benefits Google My Business offers to cosmetic surgeons. realdrseattle® specializes in Google My Business for doctors and medical practices, including plastic and cosmetic surgery as well as medical spas.Along with offering the opportunity to climb up the search rankings, Google My Business makes it easier for patients to find your business and review it. Reviews are an extremely important factor when Google considers the order of the search results. Businesses and websites with better reviews will automatically get pushed higher because Google will recognize that multiple people found valuable information and received high quality service.Google My Business also aggregates all of your basic business information into one place. For example, your business hours and contact information. The easier it is for potential patients to find this information, the more likely they are to contact you. When it comes to medical practices, some patients would rather interact face to face than online when determining the right fit for their needs. This makes Google My Business a vital resource for cosmetic surgeons. To schedule a complimentary marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via chat or contact form.

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