Google Image Search & SEO: How They Work Together

Google Image Search & SEO: How They Work Together

Google Image Search—while frequently used—is often not considered a wealth of SEO. However, this underappreciated feature can help you get more traffic to your website and increase overall search rankings. Let’s look at how Google Image Search and SEO work together.

Firstly, there are Google Image results for every search you do. For some searches, this makes sense. If you search, “evergreen trees,” you will get a plethora of evergreen tree photos. However, if you search for something less visual such as, “Who does the best breast augmentation in New Orleans?” the photos are not necessarily obvious or set. 

If you add alt tags to your photos and use photos widely on your site, you could potentially rank for the local version of this question. Getting your before or after photos on the Google Image Search results can drive traffic from these results to your website. Additionally, Google does take this into account when determining the overall search rankings.

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