Does SEO Require Coding?

When first putting together an SEO strategy for your plastic/cosmetic surgery practice or medical spa, you may wonder what skill set is necessary. Search engine optimization specialists do have several, varied skills which include knowledge of all aspects of a website. Many people wonder, “Does SEO require coding?”The answer can be both yes and no. On the surface, SEO does not require coding. Many SEO specialists do not code and websites can have a solid SEO foundation without the need for coding. Content management systems such as Wordpress and various plug-ins make this easy. However, some aspects of SEO such as photo optimization, making a website faster, and usability all may require some coding. While there are plug-ins and programs that may handle some of this, there is often a need for some coding when optimizing your website. It is not uncommon for an SEO specialist to work directly with a developer for such changes. At realdrseattle®, we handle all SEO aspects of your website, including SEO that may require coding. You have no reason to worry about the more complicated aspects of SEO because we have all the specialists necessary to make your website rank on the first page of Google.To schedule a marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach us online via contact form or chat.

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