Do URLs Matter For SEO?

When designing a webpage, designers and developers have control over many elements of a webpage such as a title, meta description, and the URL. Most content management systems will generate a URL based on the title, but usually allow for it to be manually changed. Is it worth it to change the URL? Do URLs matter for SEO?The answer is yes, but not that much. URLs are a minor ranking factor for Google. Basically, the URL should have some relevance to the page title and content. Therefore, in many cases, there is no reason to change the URL generated by your CMS. If creating them yourself though, URLs should follow a logical path and structure. Typically, this looks something like:, this can differ based on your website and its native structure. Some may not include the category or subtopic. Normally, though, this is fairly standardized throughout the industry, and URLs based on old standards should be updated. This is where URLs can matter. If redirects are not performed properly, or URLs do not get properly updated when necessary, this is worse for your SEO than the basic errors detailed above. To learn more, schedule a consultation by giving us a call at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online using our chat or contact form.

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