Cosmetic Surgery SEO: Can Instagram Help My Website SEO?

More and more cosmetic surgeons are using social media and Instagram to boost their online presence. Instagram, specifically, can increase leads and advance marketing efforts. However, with social media taking a more important role on the internet, it has become an SEO tool. Can Instagram help my website SEO?The short answer is yes. Instagram and other social media platforms can improve your overall SEO and Google rankings. First off, Instagram allows for links from your profile where you can link directly to your website. This can drive traffic from your profile to your website. Next, PPC ads can take users (whether they follow you or not) to your website via engaging ads that show up in their feed or stories. This is a great way to earn more traffic which in turn signals your authority to Google. Search engines may then decide to rank your site higher because more people are visiting and converting. Finally, having an active Instagram account can boost your overall brand and name recognition. People may begin to search by your name or the name of your practice because they are aware of you on Instagram. To learn more and schedule a marketing consultation with one of our experts, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via our contact forms and chat.

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