Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Trends Of 2021

Every year certain marketing tactics start to dominate the overall marketing industry. However, within cosmetic surgery marketing, certain trends have become more prevalent and offered solutions to both cosmetic surgery practices and patients. With 2021 in full swing, here are some of the top cosmetic marketing trends of 2021.

#1: Conversational Tone

Potential patients--especially web searchers online--like to feel like they have made a genuine connection with the services and products they intend to purchase. One way marketers can achieve this is through uses a conversational tone in their ads, marketing campaigns, and outreach. This does not mean sacrificing professionalism, rather aiming to make a connection with potential patients. This connection can also be achieved by reaching consumers through chat apps and texting. These are places that people go to communicate with friends and loved ones. If you can reach them here, this makes them more willing to reach out. Overall, a conversational tone is more approachable than a stiff sales voice. If you can identify what a potential patient wants and how to create a connection, then you will easily build authority and trust.

#2: Personalization & Interactivity

People love to find out “what kind of candy bar they are” or use an app to determine the best skincare products for their skin. This can translate into the cosmetic surgery space. Giving patients something they can use and interact with on your website will increase user engagement and leads.realdrseattle®’s® web app, Price Simulator™ is one tool that takes advantage of web user’s want to connect. It allows them to custom choose the cosmetic surgery procedures they are interested in and add them to their “bucket list”. Once finished, users can view their bucket list where they provide certain lead information. After submitting the lead, the patient will then receive a personalized price quote for the added procedures. Not only does this provide patients with the information most commonly sought on cosmetic surgery websites, but it also allows them to interact in a unique way on your website.

#3: Videos

With the rise of popular video websites and apps like YouTube and TikTok, videos have become one of the top ways to reach consumers in 2021. Cosmetic surgeons have a unique place in the video content world. They have many options for the types of videos to create. For a cosmetic surgery website, educational videos that supplement the content provide a sleek and professional look. It can also personalize the user’s experience by showing the surgeon answering questions in a personal manner, similar to a consultation.Maintaining accounts on video sharing sites may also lead to some organic traffic from those sites to your website and social media. It also can build trust, authority, and brand awareness.

#4: Omnichannel Marketing

On the topic of social media and video content, omnichannel marketing has dominated for the last few years. It has never been more important than in 2021. Omnichannel marketing refers to marketing across different channels. For example, an omnichannel marketing plan for “Sample Cosmetic Surgery” may look something like this:

  • Search engine Pay-Per-Click
  • Posting on social media every day
  • Creating YouTube videos about cosmetic surgery procedures
  • Posting weekly blog content
  • Sending out a monthly email

realdrseattle® utilizes all forms of marketing to make sure our clients utilize every possible channel. This increases their engagement, your presence on the internet, and keeps your marketing relevant. To learn more about cosmetic surgery marketing and how realdrseattle® can take your practice to new heights, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online via our contact form and chat.

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