Cosmetic Surgery Marketing: Capture Leads Instantly With Price Simulator™

At realdrseattle®, we strive to provide the highest quality cosmetic surgery marketing solutions. The marketing and cosmetic surgery worlds are constantly evolving, and therefore, we must as well. In 2020, telehealth and virtual interaction became the key to a good marketing strategy. To address this new surge in demand for digital engagement, realdrseattle® created a customizable web app, Price Simulator™.Price Simulator™ is a web app installed on websites that allow users to explore the procedures and surgeries available at your practice. As they explore the options they can add them to their “bucket list”. After adding their chosen procedures, the patient can then receive a preliminary price quote after providing basic lead information, including email and phone number.This price quote is not meant to replace a traditional quote given in the office. However, it gives patients a starting point, which can make them feel more determined and comfortable booking a consultation.The capturing of lead information also allows you to touch back with these leads. In the cosmetic surgery industry, it typically takes five to six interactions to get a conversion. Price Simulator™ can now begin that process in an engaging way.To learn more about how Price Simulator™ can benefit your plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, or medical spa practice, please call us at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online on our contact page.

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