Can Redirects Hurt SEO?

Can Redirects Hurt SEO?

Redirects are a way to make the URL of one page go to another page. Normally, this is done when one page is deleted, when you move a page to a new URL, or if you simply need to change the URL of a specific page. They are fairly simple, but many people try to avoid them due to the supposed SEO harm they create. Is this true? Can redirects hurt SEO?

If done incorrectly, then yes, redirects could hurt SEO. However, in most cases, redirects do not hurt your SEO. To make sure you perform all of your redirects correctly, make sure you have a website professional create them. Additionally, if you have Wordpress, there are various plug-ins that can help you create and manage your redirects.

Some forms of redirects are better than others. 301 redirects indicate that the page has been moved permanently. This is the best type of redirect for SEO. Sometimes a 302, a page moved temporarily, can be okay for SEO, but it should only be a temporary redirection. 

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