Buying Instagram Followers & Likes: Worth It?

With social media influencing nearly every industry today, getting followers and likes have become a monetary form of marketing. The more followers you have and the more likes you get, the more exposure and leads you get. Therefore, buying Instagram followers and likes is tempting, especially for those new to the platforms. Is buying Instagram followers and likes worth it?The answer is no, it is almost never worth buying Instagram followers and likes. While it usually does result in an initial increase in exposure and occasionally leads, it ultimately can lead to losing those followers in the future and sometimes even bans or sanctions from social media sites. It rarely results in a full ban, but it can prevent your account from getting verified or making it onto trending feeds. Many social media users are also now privy to the signs that an account has boughten followers or likes and it can turn off real people who may have otherwise shown interest in your account.Generally, the best strategy for gaining more followers is to be active, post regularly, and have high quality content. To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online using chat or contact form.

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