Building Customized Landing Pages For Ads: What To Know

A few weeks ago, we discussed the difference between a landing page and a general web page. However, if you set out to build a landing page for an ad, what exactly should it include? Building a customized landing page for an ad is not always straightforward. Here’s what to know about building customized landing pages for ads.First, identify the main topic of your ad. While it may seem obvious that it should pertain to the same topic, it is also tempting to put as much information about you and your business on the webpage as possible. The key is to find a balance between sticking to the topic and providing more generalized information such as contact information, provider credentials, etc.Next, be sure to include media. This may include photos, videos, graphics, or pretty much anything else that is eyecatching and engaging. Place these elements above the fold if possible. This helps reduce bounce rates and provides information in many different ways to accommodate people with different communication styles.Finally, do include content. While the main point of the page is not to rank, it still can rank organically. Therefore, you should not ignore the content on the page. The content does not necessarily need to be as lengthy, but it should provide enough information for a lead to feel comfortable with their purchase or scheduling.To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online via chat or contact form.

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