Best Ways To Target The Older Generation Online

Best Ways To Target The Older Generation Online

The key to marketing is knowing who your target audience is. If wanting to invest in online marketing, having a younger demographic is often preferable. However, what if your business caters to the older generation? What are the best ways to target the older generation online? Our experts weigh in.

#1: Pay Attention To Accessibility

Designing accessible websites is currently becoming a major part of SEO and web design. However, if you have an older demographic, it is important to ensure an even more accessible site. For example, you may consider using a larger font, or making it easy to enlarge the font to account for vision problems. You can also offer for visitors to hear the text. This makes your website easier to navigate and use for people of all ages and abilities.

#2: Know Where To Invest

Very few people of the older demographic use Snapchat. Therefore, it does not make sense to invest your marketing dollars on this platform. However, there are other social media platforms such as Facebook that do have a larger audience of older people. Knowing where to find your audience can make the difference in your online marketing success.

#3: Do Not Only Advertise On Google

While Google is the most popular search engine, many older people use search engines that were more popular during the early days of the internet or which are default based on their provider or email address. Therefore, you may consider advertising on Bing and Yahoo as well. 

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