Best Type Of Backlinks & How To Get Them

Best Type Of Backlinks & How To Get Them

Backlinks are one of the most coveted SEO resources. Depending on the number and quality of backlinks you receive, they can have a significant impact on your rankings–good or bad. Let’s take a look at the best type of backlinks to receive and how to get them.

Ultimately, the best backlinks come from reliable, educational sources. These are known as editorial backlinks which can include news articles, infographics, known online scholarly resources, educational YouTube videos, and more. While these are the best backlinks for your website, they are arguably the hardest to get. 

There are two primary ways to get editorial backlinks. First, create content that is informative and educational. This will lead more people to find merit in it and potentially use your website as a source. However, this relies upon external factors that are not guaranteed and especially hard to receive if you are a new site or small business. 

This is where the second method comes into play. Sign up for HARO and have a solid PR strategy. Working to find and create press opportunities can be grueling, but once you get one, you can find more as time goes on. Hiring a PR professional, if possible, can also help you garner more editorial backlinks.

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