Best Plastic Surgery Keywords Ideas For SEO & PPC

Determining the keywords you want your website to rank for may sound like a relatively easy task. Plastic surgeons typically want their website to rank for the procedures they perform such as “breast augmentation” and “facelift”. However, these keywords are not easy to rank for and a new website will often be overrun by educational websites. Additionally, Google will favor websites like WebMD that are purely providing information and not trying to sell services. How can your practice overcome this and rank high for these keywords? Below, the experts at realdrseattle® break down some of the strategies and the best plastic surgery keyword ideas for SEO and PPC.

#1: Localize

While ranking for “breast augmentation” may be difficult, ranking for “breast augmentation Nashville” is not nearly as difficult. You will only be competing with your local competitors. With a good content strategy, PPC, and SEO you can overcome your competition and hit the top spots for your most important procedure keywords. This can also be applied to many different keywords. For example, realdrseattle® will not just target “breast augmentation Nashville”, but also “breast augmentation in Nashville”, and “Nashville breast augmentation.” This gives you more options for keywords and ranking possibilities.

#2: Use More Variety

There are many questions that many patients ask about plastic surgery. If you can answer these questions on your website--whether through well written blogs or the website content--this can lead patients looking for answers to your site. Like how the highest rankings are taken up by educational sources, if you can provide prospective patients with information and the answers they are looking for, this will make them more likely to book with your practice.One of the best ways to capture a larger variety of keywords is through blog content. For example, you can write a blog titled “What Are The Different Types Of Breast Implants?” With some localized keywords and good information, this blog has the opportunity to rank high for searches related to that question. This can also help you capture the coveted Google Snippets spots.To learn more about plastic surgery keywords or to set up a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784 or contact us online.

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