Benefits Of Google Shopping For E-Commerce

Google Shopping is an aspect of Google Search Ads that creates scrollable cards of products related to a specific keyword search. Google pulls from Amazon and other shopping sites, but will also pull from smaller e-commerce sites. Here are some of the benefits of Google Shopping for e-commerce.

#1: Reach People At Multiple Stages Of The Buying Process

Whether someone is ready to buy or simply doing some research, Google Shopping will likely appear to them in the search results. These cards use images and the most relevant product information to create a more memorable experience and impression. Thus, when ready to buy, they are more likely to remember your product or site.

#2: Does Not Use Your Ads Budget

While there are Google Shopping ads, you can also rank organically in Google Shopping. For a smaller e-commerce site, this can help you gain the visibility you may not otherwise have in the general search rankings due to large shopping sites.

#3: Better Click Through Rate

Google Shopping is located at the top of the search results page. Thus, many people will not move beyond the shopping results. This increases your click through rate as well as traffic to your website.

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