B2B vs B2C PPC Advertising: What Is The Difference?

B2B vs B2C PPC Advertising: What Is The Difference?

Pay-Per-Click advertising is often associated with businesses advertising to consumers. However, there are also business-to-business PPC models that are successful. They often use the same advertising outlets such as Google Ads, but there are some differences. Let’s take a look at the differences in B2B vs B2C PPC advertising. 

While both B2B and B2C advertisers may use Google Ads, they will likely diverge from here. Unless targeting a specific type of business or product that focuses on social media, it is unlikely that B2B PPC will be found on Facebook or Instagram. This does not mean there will be no presence or advertising on these platforms, they are just less of a focus. B2B ads are more likely to be found in places such as LinkedIn, YouTube, and podcasts.

B2B pay-per-click advertising requires much more research and A/B testing than advertising to consumers. This is because the products are often more niche and more expensive than the products being sold to consumers. B2B also focuses more on creating a mutual and working relationship whereas B2C is more transactionally focused.

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