Are Plug-Ins Good For My Plastic Surgery Website’s SEO?

Websites take a lot of time and ingenuity to develop. Most plastic and cosmetic surgeons hire an outside firm or designer. However, sometimes website management will then fall back on the practice. To maintain and build a website, plug-ins are often available for various elements of your website including design aspects, SEO, contact forms, and more. Are plug-ins good for my plastic surgery website’s SEO?Overall, plug-ins do not really affect SEO either way. If plug-ins are bogging down your website or slowing load speed, this may negatively impact SEO. However, certain plug-ins are SEO tools that can help you prepare better content and identify potential problems with the website. These can be useful in maintaining your website’s SEO.Plug-ins do have their downsides though, and practices should use caution when downloading plug-ins and not become reliant on them for the function of the website. Plug-ins are developed by outside developers and companies which can pose a security risk to your website. Therefore, it is important to pick your plug-ins carefully. At realdrseattle®, we employ the use of a minimal amount of plug-ins and fully vet plug-ins before installing them. This keeps your website safe, fast, and maximizes your SEO impact. To schedule a consultation, call us at 206-787-0784.  You can also contact us online at via chat or contact form.

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