AI ChatBot vs. Live Chat: Which Is Better For Your Website?

If you go onto almost any website you may see a chat box in the corner, or it may pop up with a message to try and engage website visitors. It is likely that many have used these chatbots for customer service issues or to get information. Though, there are two main types of chatbots that you may have encountered: AI chatbots and live chat. So, which is better for your website when it comes to an AI chatbot vs. live chat?

Both have their advantages and disadvantages. The right one for your business will also depend on the size and structure of your business. When it comes to AI chatbots, they are often ideal for businesses with few employees and relatively simple issues or queries. For example, a basic e-commerce website may use an AI chatbot to handle questions and issues. At the very least, it is a first line of communication to weed out anyone with easy queries and it can then forward more complex issues to the human team.

A live chatbot is operated by people at the business. They will answer questions and interact with the lead in real time. For businesses, such as plastic surgery practices, where not all questions are easy to answer, this is the ideal setup. However, in some cases, plastic and cosmetic surgery practices and medical spas may benefit from an AI chat, particularly if they are small or program it well. 

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