5 Types Of Email Marketing

Email marketing is an often overlooked marketing technique. It is extremely versatile and can be used to work existing leads and also gain new ones. Here are five types of email marketing and how to take advantage of them.

#1: Automated

Automated email marketing is often the emails received immediately after signing up for an email list as well as appointment reminders. While these are not necessarily traditional marketing emails, it keeps you in the lead’s mind.

#2: Newsletters

Sent weekly or monthly, these newsletters update your existing patients on your practice and may offer exclusive deals or offers only available to those on the list. It provides a feeling of belonging and exclusivity. 

#3: Cart Abandonment

If you sell anything online, you will likely encounter cart abandonments. Sometimes this is due to the user getting busy or distracted, price concerns, or finding payment information. Therefore, sending an email after some time when they have not returned can help save the sale.

#4: Social Connection

Release a new YouTube video you are proud of? Send an email about it! You can also invite people to follow you on all your social channels and potentially offer deals or discounts for doing so.

#5: Event Invitations

Exclusive events are an amazing way to connect with patients. Perhaps you invite only your email subscribers to a special after-hours Botox party? It will make them feel special and more likely to come back.

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