3 Ways To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

3 Ways To Speed Up Your Wordpress Site

Wordpress is notorious for bloating website code and slowing down websites. While this does not affect the average website, for plastic surgeons and others who have major visual components, this can significantly slow load time that may lead to losing possible conversions. Let’s take a look at 3 ways to speed up your Wordpress site.

#1: Limit Plug-In Use

Plug-ins are tiny bits of code that you can embed onto your website (without the need for coding knowledge) to perform specific functions and tasks. Some plug-ins can slow down a website. Limit the number of plug-ins you use and make sure that the ones you do are optimized for speed or will not significantly impact speed.

#2: Use A Content Delivery Network

A content delivery network, or CDN, uses caching to deliver your content to people all around the world quicker. For example, if you are a business located in California, people on the West Coast will likely experience the average load time. However, those on the East Coast may experience longer times because their server has to connect to the California one. However, with a CDN, let’s say someone in North Carolina visited your site. If someone in Virginia then visits, they will see the version loaded in North Carolina. This speeds up website load time significantly.

#3: Keep Your Wordpress & Plug-Ins Updated

One of the easiest ways to maintain and improve site speed is to keep your website updated. However, this step often gets neglected. Most plug-ins can be placed on automatic updates, as well as many themes. Though, manual checks for updates will ensure that your website stays completely updated.

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