3 Ways To Reduce Fake Ad Clicks

Pay-Per-Click ads are the most common form of online advertising. Since you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, this can be abused by competitors and scammers. Thus, this uses up your ads budget prematurely and can affect your leads. Here are three ways to reduce fake ad clicks.

#1: Use A Clicks Protection Service

There are several click protection services out there that help you monitor your clicks, identify fraudulent clicks, and block those IP addresses from seeing your ads again. They can even help you get a partial or full refund from Google for the fraudulent activity. While this refund is not guaranteed and Google does review clicks occasionally themselves, it is worth having the extra knowledge and protection.

#2: Refine Your Targeting

While refining your targeting will not completely solve the problem, it can help you identify a few less competitive keywords that are less likely to drive fraudulent clicks. This also can help you reach a more specific audience that is more likely to convert than a more generalized audience.

#3: Do Not Click On Your Own Ads

It may not seem like a big deal when you knowing click on your own ad. However, this is simply a waste of money and can drive further unwanted clicks by indicating you Google keywords that may not actually perform well. Though, it should be noted that you may need to occasionally test ads for whatever reason, keeping your own clicks to the absolute minimum is important.

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