3 Ways to Optimize Your Plastic Surgery Website for Local SEO

Most people know that you should have a website that is search engine optimized. However, not many know the difference between search engine optimization (SEO) and local search engine optimization (local SEO). Both operate under the same ideals and goals at different levels. General SEO focuses on creating a website that search engines will find easy to crawl and that they will place under the correct keywords. Local SEO works the same way except that it focuses on your local area. Additionally, searching for plastic surgery in Kansas City will look different than in Los Angeles. You want to make sure your website ranks high in your local search results. Here are 3 ways to optimize your plastic surgery website for local SEO.

#1: Localized Content

The key to a great local SEO strategy is to write locally focused content. This can occur in many different ways. Firstly, every city and location will have slightly different needs and interests. For example, people from sunny locales may be more interested in laser resurfacing to treat sun damage. Knowing your local market will help you create content focused on what patients in your area want.Next, when creating content pages, you should target and capture various local keywords. When writing a page on breast augmentation, you should not simply title the page “Breast Augmentation”. The title “Breast Augmentation Portland” is much more likely to rank and bring local patients into your practice.Finally, conduct keyword research to know the most searched terms for the procedures you offer in your area. That same breast augmentation page should contain the keywords “breast augmentation in Portland” and “Portland breast augmentation”. The writers at realdrseattle® create hyperlocal content meant to rank high in the local SERP.

#2: Local Links

Links from outside sources to your website can improve SEO and build website authority. This is also true for local SEO. If you have links from local sources, this will build your authority in the area. Finding local links can be a challenge. However, realdrseattle® uses many tactics to get you legitimate local links. The first way is through press releases to local media outlets. This can garner links to your website from local news sources. we will also have your website indexed in local directories.

#3: Google Maps Integration

Along with creating or claiming and optimizing your Google My Business page, you should integrate your business with Google Maps. This can be done through the Google My Business platform. During set up, you will have the opportunity to locate your plastic surgery practice on a map. Once you identify it, your practice will then show up on Google Maps, including when using it as a GPS. This makes it easier for patients to find your office and means that your practice will have more visibility. Integrating with Google Maps also allows you to place the Google Maps feature on your website. Often seen towards the bottom of a website, a Google Maps box will show the location of your practice. This improves local SEO because Google will recognize the location of your practice in maps and on your website. Integration is vital for the best plastic surgery marketing.To learn more about local SEO and how realdrseattle® can take your plastic surgery practice to the next level, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also contact us online.

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