3 Ways To Optimize Your Marketplace Listings

While plastic surgery and medical spa marketing focus primarily on selling services, many surgeons and spas sell products. Often, this is their own line of products. In this case, you may consider posting on online marketplaces such as Amazon, Facebook, and Etsy. Perhaps you even have your own online e-commerce shop. Here are 3 ways to optimize your marketplace listings.

#1: SSL

Security is vital for any e-commerce platform. If the platform is not secure, people will not make a purchase and many browsers or search engines will refuse to send users to your website. To ensure security, have an SSL certificate. You may also consider integrating or using a third party for payment as this can make purchasers feel more secure in their purchase.

#2: Mobile-Friendliness

As with all modern SEO, your site needs to function and look attractive on all mobile browsers and platforms. If it hinders patients at all, they are much less likely to make a purchase and may even immediately bounce off the site if it is too hard to use or obviously not configured for mobile.

#3: Schema

Schema is a sort of SEO shortcut that works especially well for e-commerce. It allows search engines to quickly and easily understand what your website and products are about. This also helps your product show within the search results. Schema can include adding prices, a description, images, and reviews.

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