3 Ways To Earn Backlinks In 2022

Earning backlinks is one of the hardest parts of any strong SEO strategy. Since they must come from outside sources, it is hard to guarantee good quality backlinks. The realdrseattle® looks at a few ways to earn backlinks in 2022.

#1: Reach To People Who Linked Your Competitors

Take a look at sources and places that have linked to your competitors in the past. It is likely that these sources are relevant and of good quality. See if you can work with them on a similar topic or article. While “cold calling” for backlinks can be grueling and frustrating, when it pays off, it tends to do so well.

#2 Merge Your PR & SEO Efforts

Are you getting interviewed by news outlets? Appearing on podcasts? These are great opportunities to obtain backlinks. Not only does this lead to a variety of places linking to you, but it also gets you even more exposure and creates a more personal connection with potential leads and clients.

#3: Focus On Great Content

If you create well written, informative content, people will automatically want to link to it and use it as a source on their own website. Content marketing continues to be among the most effective ways to generate leads and improve overall SEO.To learn more and schedule a free marketing consultation, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also reach out online using chat or contact forms.

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