3 Ways To Curate More Reviews

Reviews are not only personally gratifying, but they can actually help push your website up the search results. Therefore, reviews have now taken on even more importance within the digital marketing world. However, as a medical practice, reviews cannot be curated in the same way as other businesses may. Here are 3 ways to curate more reviews.

#1: Follow Up Texts/Emails

Once the patient reaches a certain point after their service or procedure (it will vary based on the treatment), you can set up an automated text message to ask about their experience and ask them to leave a review. However, no incentive or obligation can be involved.

#2: Business Cards

When a patient leaves their appointment, you may already provide a “goody bag” or paperwork. Within this, include a business card thanking the patient and providing QR codes to at least one review platform so that patients can easily access it. You can also set them out on/near patient areas so that patients can help themselves.

#3: Provide Top Notch Service

Ultimately, the best way to get a review is to provide amazing service and treatments. Creating a last impression and making patients want to come back, while not directly curating a review, patients who are satisfied and happy are more likely to share their experience than those with an average experience.

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