3 Ways Google Searching Is Changing This Year

As the biggest search engine in the world, Google is constantly making changes to its search experience and algorithm. Furthermore, this changes SEO every year. In 2023, many changes have already been made, but more are also on the way. Here are 3 ways Google Search is changing this year.

#1: Search More Than Text

You may have noticed that when searching on mobile devices Google allows searching by uploading or taking a picture and even humming into the camera. This makes it easy to find specific products you may have the packaging of, but have no idea where to get it, or can’t find on Amazon. It also allows more accessibility to searchers who may have issues using a keyboard, vision imparities, etc.

#2: Search Refinement

When you put in a search term, Google will now offer tags or filters for your results. For example, if searching for a vacation spot, Google may offer refinement options such as “For families” “to visit” etc. This can help people find search results best for their particular situation.

#3: Visual Search Results

The search results will now contain a combination of text and photos. While Google has always offered ways to find photos, videos, and news for your search query, it now allows you to see it at a glance instead of specifically navigating to it.

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