3 Up & Coming Social Media Platforms To Pay Attention To

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We all are familiar with the social media staples that have been relevant and around for over a decade: Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, in that time, several other social media platforms have become important and relevant. The biggest example is TikTok which has shot into popularity in the last few years. So, here are 3 up and coming social media platforms to pay attention to.

#1: Discord

Discord has been around for a while and was first created and gained popularity in the gaming community. The chatting app puts a spin on the traditional chatroom model and gives users more control over them. It is growing as a place for influencers and businesses to create exclusive and invite-only spaces for VIP followers.

#2: Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio hangout app that many celebrities are already using. It is organized based on topics and interests. While it is still new, it is showing promise as a social media platform and future marketing opportunity for businesses. Currently, it still remains a good way to keep up on trending topics and gain insight into your target audiences.

#3: Patreon

Patreon started off as a pseudo-subscription service that allowed creatives and influencers to offer exclusive content to monthly subscribers or even one-time donators. However, this model has grown and free content is also available on some Patreon accounts. It allows influencers to supplement income and interact with dedicated followers more.

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