3 Tips For Selling On Amazon

3 Tips For Selling On Amazon

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E-commerce is becoming a lucrative business opportunity, especially since COVID-19 has kept more people at home. While it is easy to set up an e-commerce website or portion of your existing website, Amazon is another platform that those wanting to get into e-commerce should consider. Here are 3 tips for selling on Amazon.

#1: Invest In Custom A+ Content

Ever seen an Amazon listing with a fun, well written description along with attractive images accompanying it? This is known as A+ content on Amazon. It is not immediately available upon creating your listing, but after some time, it should become available. Creating custom-made images and A+ content can help engage users, answers questions about your product, and ultimately drive more purchases.

#2: Run Amazon Ads

Like most other platforms these days, you can set up PPC ads for your Amazon products. When you are first starting out with your product, this can help establish you and your product and get those few initial sales. However, if this is not in the budget, you can consider other strategies or advertising options.

#3: Set Up Amazon Fulfillment

Amazon fulfillment has numerous benefits including cutting out the time it takes to send your order, allowing customers to order via Prime and reduce shipping costs, and take out many of the logistics on your end.

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