3 Tips For Making SEO Friendly Videos

Video content and marketing is beginning to take over the entire digital marketing industry. Plastic surgeons have thousands of followers on YouTube and TikTok which earns them real life benefits and patients. Videos can also improve the SEO of your website. How can you take advantage of this? Entering the video making space (even just via social media) is a great way to start. From plastic surgery marketing company, realdrseattle®, here are three tips for making SEO friendly videos.

#1: Optimize The Title & Description

The title and description of your video should be eye catching and informational. However, you should also use keywords to indicate to search engines and algorithms the relevance and importance of your video. Before posting the video, do some research on what people are searching for in relation to the topic. You should also include links to relevant pages on your website and social media.realdrseattle® regularly creates and posts video content for our clients with titles and descriptions that drive views and conversions. We also use various strategies such as tagging and well written descriptions to optimize your videos.

#2: Embed The Videos On Your Website

Make sure that when you upload your video to YouTube and other platforms that you allow embedding. This lets you place the video on your website which creates a link. Not only do these videos increase the authority and SEO of your page, they also increase engagement. If website visitors watch the video on your page, the longer they spend on your website. This signals to Google that you offer information that website searchers want. This can improve your rankings.

#3: Add Captions

Accessibility of websites and online content is one of the major concerns with digital marketing today. Either uploading your own captions or adding captions to the video itself is a great way to increase your SEO and reach a broader audience. It also shows your thoughtfulness and care for your audience which tends to make a lasting impression with potential patients. To learn more tips for making SEO friendly videos, contact realdrseattle® for a free marketing consultation via phone or online via contact form or chat.

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