3 Tips For Increasing Social Media Engagement

3 Tips For Increasing Social Media Engagement

Building a social media account and strategy from the ground up is a sizable feat for anyone, not to mention a small business. While some aspect of social media success is luck, there are some ways to promote more engagement and social media success. Here are three tips for increasing social media engagement.

#1: Giveaways

Everyone loves the chance to win free things, particularly when it is a service that may be quite expensive otherwise. Hosting some giveaways that require the social media user to follow you and interact with your account is a great way to increase engagement and earn more of an audience.

#2: Engage The Audience You Have

Whenever you do get comments, messages, or other genuine interactions with your account, it is important to respond to them or otherwise engage them. Not only does this count towards engagement on your account, but it makes people more likely to continue to follow you and alerts other social media users that you are a genuine account.

#3: Do Not Ignore Stories & Reels

It is easy to only focus on crafting engaging and quality social media posts. However, you should also make sure to post stories, videos, and whatever other content features are available. It does not necessarily need to be often, but it is helpful to do so as much as possible as this increases the ways people can engage with your account.

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