3 Tips For Eye Catching Social Media Ads

Many plastic surgeons and medical companies avoid social media advertising. Why? It simply requires more work and does not provide some semblance of success and return that Google Ads often does. At realdrseattle®, though, we see the untapped potential in social media advertising. Not only are they less expensive than traditional PPC ads, when done right they can majorly improve ROI across the board. Here are 3 tips for eye catching social media ads and how realdrseattle® can help you grow your social media advertising.

#1: Use Videos

The major difference between social media ads and PPC ads is that on social media, a visual element is added. Normally, this comes in the form of a photo, graphic, or video of some kind. While most opt for a photo or graphic because these are easier to source or create, videos are more likely to catch the eye when scrolling through a social media feed. The videos do not necessarily need to be created by you or your team, well chosen stock footage can suffice.

#2: Use User Generated Content

User generated content is anything supplied or created by your patients. This can include reviews, testimonials, pictures they send in, or anything similar. Using these in ads (with permission for photos and videos), earns authority and trust with people who see your ads. It also makes ads feel less like ads. While this may seem counterintuitive, it makes users more likely to interact with your ads.

#3: Exclude Yourself From The Rest

Social identity theory is a psychological concept that has proven marketing benefits. For example, you may see ads like, “We’re not the best, we’re better.” or “We’re not the same.” This type of wording piques a question in the mind of users and makes them more interested in your brand and services. To learn more about social media marketing and get professional help, call us at 206-787-0784. You can also connect with us online via our contact form or chat.

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