3 Tips For Creating Video Ads On A Budget

Video ads—whether implemented on social media or YouTube—are more engaging than traditional online advertising. Thus, many companies want to invest in them, but may not have the budget to create high quality, custom video ads. Here are 3 tips for creating video ads on a budget.

#1: Use Existing Videos

TikToks and existing video content can be edited or adapted into video ads. This can save money and even sometimes gain you social media followers. A small amount of editing may be required, but it is much less than necessary for creating an ad from scratch.

#2: Use Stock Video

There are many high quality stock videos that can be used to create great looking ads. The edits needed are normally for branding purposes and they are minimal. If you have an existing stock photo/video service, they will likely have options. However, Envato is also a free option that just requires signing up.

#3: Use The Same Collateral Across Platforms

Once you have one or two video ads, you can use them on multiple platform. While ideally, you would have more options, when starting on a budget, this helps you increase ROI at the beginning so that you can invest more later on.

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