3 Tips For Creating Engaging Short Video Content

3 Tips For Creating Engaging Short Video Content

In the TikTok era, short videos are overtaking the internet, even YouTube has created its Shorts platform to compete with TikTok. Thus, short form video content can be an amazing marketing tool. However, there is a learning curve that comes with creating quality short videos. Here are three tips for creating engaging short video content.

#1: Invest In The Set Up

Even though the videos are usually less than a minute long, many successful influencers on short form video platforms have professional setups such as ring lights and gimbles that limit the movement of their phone. While an entire setup is not always necessary, it is helpful to have some professional equipment on hand to ensure good quality content.

#2: Follow Trends

Participating in trends on TikTok and broader culture can help make you and your brand more relatable. While it is easy to get lost within the hundreds of thousands of videos for a particular trend, it actually gives you a better chance of garnering attention on social media, especially if you put your own spin on it.

#3: Be Yourself

This advice may sound cliche and simplistic, but consumers of short form video can often tell when someone is being disingenuous or when aspects of their content are purposely controversial. Be yourself and do not be afraid to be a bit goofy. People love when brands are witty, funny, and have a personable touch.

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