3 Tips For Creating Call To Actions In PPC Ads

Writing PPC ads is much different than your regular website content. It often will not use full sentences and will pack in keywords. However, PPC ads cannot simply be a mismatch of long-tail keywords, it does need to make sense and contain a call to action. Here are three tips for creating call to actions in PPC ads.

#1: Don’t Get Too Complicated

Simplicity and brevity are your friends when creating a call to action for PPC. Beyond only having a few characters or words available for your ad, your ad will be most effective if getting your point across in as few words as possible. It makes it easier and faster to consume. Thus, this can lead to making decisions and purchases quicker.

#2: Make Viewers Curious

If the main goal of your ad is to drive traffic to your website, making the reader of the ad curious can cause them to click because they want to know more instinctively. In the plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa industries, there are plenty of interesting facts and facets of the job to pique curiosity.

#3: Cater To Your Target Audience

Writing your PPC ads and call to action for your audience is key to more conversions. For example, using a more casual tone and knowing your audience’s motivations can make a difference in if they click on your ad or another.

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