3 Tips For Better Lead Generation

In the plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and medical spa industries, lead generation is key. However, even when you have a perfectly optimized website and run ads, leads may not always come in how you want them to. While there are natural lulls that just happen and are short-lived, you can still work to improve your lead generation efforts. Here are three tips for better lead generation.

#1: Implement Interactive Tools

Interactivity can help lower bounce rates, deliver relevant information, and gain more leads. An example of an interactive lead generation tool is Price Simulator. Price Simulator provides the lead with a starting price for their procedures and gives you the lead information. Therefore, it is a win-win and it can also help provide better quality leads.

#2: Track Your Leads

You may not be seeing all of the leads you receive accurately (or at all!) Ensuring you have Google Analytics and/or another tracking tool correctly implemented can help you determine which ads are the most effective and where the best quality leads are coming from.

#3: Create Shorter Forms

Obviously, when a patient is in office, you will need a lot of information to adequately assess them. However, for working the lead initially, you do not need this. Keep your contact forms short with a maximum of 5 boxes or questions to answer.

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