3 Tips For Advertising On Instagram

Instagram is becoming an increasingly popular advertising platform due to its massive user base. It is also one of the most used social media platforms in the world. Unlike Google Ads, Instagram relies more on visual elements of advertising. Here are 3 tips for advertising on Instagram.

#1: Use Videos

Advertisers can use photos or videos to advertise on Instagram. Both have their advantages, but if you want to get the most clicks and attention, videos are more likely to make people stop and interact when scrolling through their feed. You do not need to film custom videos (though this is ideal whenever possible). But, you can customize stock video to fit your needs. Just make sure to actually edit the video somewhat as plain stock video will not be effective.

#2: Sponsor Posts

Along with running ads, Instagram accounts can sponsor posts from their timeline. This is a great way to earn engagement and followers on your account itself. If you are new to Instagram, this may be a great precursor to more aggressive advertising.

#3: Remain Active

Advertising from an empty, inactive profile does not sit well with users. Of course, this is not immediately known until they interact with your ads, but it can prevent you from getting a sale or conversion. Therefore, keep your Instagram feed active.

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