3 Things That May Prevent Your Site From Being Indexed

3 Things That May Prevent Your Site From Being Indexed

Getting a website indexed is the first and most important step in ranking. If your site does not get indexed, Google (and other search engines) essentially do not know it exists. Beyond the tricks that you can do to not have a website indexed for development reasons, there are some reasons that a site you want to be indexed is not properly being indexed. Let’s look at 3 things that may prevent your site from being indexed.

#1: Minimal Content

If you have extremely minimal content on your website (including both code and text), this can alert Google that it serves a more specific purpose and does not need to rank or be indexed. For example, thank you pages or exclusive offer sites do not need to be indexed because they are built to only receive controlled, minimal traffic. Try adding more content to your website to obtain a higher authority score and hit more keywords.

#2: You Do Not Have A Sitemap

A sitemap makes it easier for search engines to crawl your site and are integral for every website. Many content management systems or plug-ins will automatically create and submit sitemaps. Developers can easily manage and submit your sitemap. This is typically a fairly easy fix.

#3: You Have A Google Penalty

Google issues penalties for various things such as buying links if a website belongs to or promotes certain industries, or there are shady advertising practices. There is no one way to know if you have incurred a Google penalty. Often, some research about possible penalties and making changes to your website and web presence to comply.

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