3 Things That Are Hurting Your Mobile SEO

The majority of web searches now happen on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Therefore, websites need to cater to mobile devices to create an amazing user experience. Search engines—especially Google—take mobile friendliness and keywords into account when determining rankings. Here are three things that are hurting your mobile SEO and how to fix them.

#1: Slow Loading Time

Loading time is a factor on desktop as well as mobile. However, on mobile, they can become even more impatient than on desktop. Sites should load within one second to prevent losing over half of the visitors. This may seem unachievable, but if you have a large site, ensure that your home page and cornerstone content load quickly.

#2: No Mobile Specific Site/Page

A well designed desktop website does not automatically look good on mobile. This is especially try for navigation menus which often need to be reconfigured to fit and be useable on mobile devices. While certain themes are scalable and do look good on mobile, be sure to confirm this and look at your website on at least on Apple smartphone and one Android smartphone.

#3: Ensure Your Analytics Are Accurate

Sometimes it is not the website hurting SEO, but the tools we use to analyze them. Make sure that all analytics tools are installed properly on the site (if needed) and that you are using them correctly. Misreading analytics tools, using them incorrecting, or installing them incorrectly can all lead to skewed numbers that do not accurately reflect your true mobile SEO numbers.

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