3 Signs You Need A Website Re-Design

It is easy to become attached to a website design. Unfortunately, with the internet and technology continuing to change, the look and feel of a website have to as well. Here are three signs you need a website re-design.

#1: Elements Are Breaking

If you notice visual or practical elements of the website becoming unusable or unattractive, this may be due to an outdated website theme or plug-ins. Sometimes, this only requires an update, but other times it can signal that the website has become outdated. First, check any elements tied to plug-ins as they are most likely to break due to becoming outdated.

#2: Higher Bounce Rates

It is normal for bounce rates to fluctuate throughout the year, season, and even randomly. However, if there is a steep increase in bounce rates paired with a major decrease in leads, this may indicate that you need to rethink the design. Users either find the user experience of the website to be poor or it loses authority due to looking old and no longer in style.

#3: Loads Slowly

In today’s age of instant information, consumers are not willing to wait long for a website to load. If your website takes more than one to three seconds to load, it may warrant a re-design. While there are ways to improve loading time without a full re-design, sometimes it is best to start from scratch, particularly if there are other signs you may benefit from a re-design as well.

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