3 Reasons To Move Your Advertising Budget 100% Online

Are you still taking out ads in newspapers or billboards? Do you feel like your marketing is not offering you the return on your investment that you would like to see? This is common within today’s marketing industry, especially in the cosmetic and plastic surgery industries. At realdrseattle® we focus on digital marketing wholeheartedly believe that surgeons and medical spas will see the best return when pivoting their budget entirely online. Here are 3 reasons to move your advertising budget 100% online.

#1: Your Patients Are Online

Social media, online video, and mapping services cater to people of all ages. Your patients are spending more time online than ever. Print newspapers are beginning to become antiquated and billboards often go ignored. Your ad is more likely to reach a wide and varied audience on social media than a billboard in your city.

#2: It Helps Boost Your SEO

Even if you do currently advertise online, you could get more traffic to your website and boost your rankings by placing more ads around the web. Unlike traditional advertising where the patient has to take the initiative to search your URL, digital advertising takes them to your site in one simple click.

#3: Easier To Track

Traditional modes of advertising can be tracked, but it is much harder. With online ads, many platforms automatically track certain statistics. Though, you can also install software like the Facebook Pixel or other tracking software to get important information about the performance and success of your ads. This lets you edit your ads and campaigns quicker and easier. To learn more, call us at 206-787-0784 or reach out online at via chat or contact form.

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