3 Link Building Tips For 2022

3 Link Building Tips For 2022

Link building is an ongoing process that requires regular updating and monitoring. It can be tedious, but as SEO changes there are many ways to make this task easier and earn more links. Check out the latest link building tips for 2022 from our experts below.

#1: Press Releases

Distributing regular press releases via your choice of newswire continues to be an important part of link building. Not only can it drum up some press naturally, but it garners easy, good quality links from a variety of sources. This can be expensive though, so it certainly requires planning ahead and making sure you make the most of each release.

#2: Perform Audits

Ideally, you should perform a link audit at least twice a year. This helps you identify broken or deleted links which can hurt your SEO. It also can identify malicious or low quality links that you can disavow. Many outside tools can help you perform a link audit easily and quickly. 

#3: Strengthen Internal Links

While link building often focuses on earning outside links, ensuring the internal linking structure of your website is strong can help make your website easier to crawl and more likely to earn external links organically. This should be done whenever you add a new page or blog, but is not always possible. Taking time to address any orphaned content or links can help you improve your overall link building strategy in 2022.

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