3 Alternatives To WordPress

WordPress hosts millions of websites worldwide and is one of the longest lasting content management systems. However, it is no longer the only option for building a website when you may not be a designer. If you are happy with WordPress, there is no reason to switch, but it is important to know the various options out there. Here are 3 alternatives to WordPress.

#1: Squarespace

One of the most popular new options for building a website, Squarespace offers hundreds of designer designed templates. They can also host e-commerce and make it easy to insert code and other more complicated aspects of a website that may traditionally require a developer. With large scale advertising campaigns, Squarespace has gained popularity in the last decade.

#2: Webflow

Webflow is the designer's paradise when it comes to building websites. It has an intense learning curve and is generally not recommended for people looking for something simple and content focused. However, Webflow can do pretty much anything you want in a more sustainable way when compared to the plug-in model of WordPress. Once set up, the content portion of Webflow is easy-to-use, but setting it up can be difficult.

#3: Wix

Wix offers flexible designs with a fairly easy-to-use interface. While not commonly used for extremely high traffic sites or e-commerce, it can be a great option for a content heavy or personal website. However, templates are limited and focuses more on allowing people with limited design experience to create an attractive website.

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