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Northwest Face & Body

We feel that they have been highly efficient and effective in improving patient flow to our practice. They are very highly recommended.



Northwest Face & Body is a cosmetic surgery practiced located in Kirkland, WA. A staple of the community, the business thrived in Kirkland for twenty years. Despite their notable reputation in the local area, Northwest Face & Body’s website, was not ranking.

While their address listing and reviews allowed for some meager local rankings, ultimately the website was failing to rank in search engines. This meant that their site did not convert. Northwest Face & Body wanted a website that would function as an effective conversion tool for their practice. Therefore, they came to realdrseattle®.

realdrseattle® examined the previous to discover what was working with their Search Engine Optimization and what was not.

The Problems:

All of these issues contributed to their low SEO rankings and hindered the performance of their site. This led to a sharp decrease in visitors.

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Upon identification and analysis of the various SEO problems on, realdrseattle® went on to give the best plastic surgery SEO package. In conjunction with a site redesign and our other services, we performed Search Engine Optimization tasks including:

The broad and ineffective use of keywords, slow site speed, and various technical SEO errors caused users to not come across in the search results. Users cannot convert if they cannot find the website.

Our cosmetic surgery SEO focuses on making websites crawlable by search engines. If Google can easily find and index a website, they are more likely to rank it. After our comprehensive SEO services, is more crawlable and contains fewer SEO errors that hinder the site’s ranking capabilities.



After the launch of their new website, which along with SEO optimization, included a redesign and new PPC ads, the traffic on increased significantly.

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Less than a week after realdrseattle® officially finished the SEO optimization, the average number of website visitors nearly quadrupled.

This large increase in website traffic was largely due to appearing in more web searches and their site ranking for more keywords. Utilizing long tail keywords and plastic surgery SEO strategy, caused the website to appear in a greater number of searches.

Image of Case Study #4 - Content Marketing.

Prior to implementing improved SEO strategies, Northwest Face & Body’s website appeared in less than 10% of web searches containing their targeted keywords. At five days after launch, was appearing in around 40% of relevant web searches. This likely caused the large uptick in traffic coming to the website the first week.



Northwest Face & Body’s online presence now matches that of their reputation in the local area. The website now sits at the top of the rankings and ranks on the first page for keywords including “brow lift Kirkland”, “facelift Kirkland”, and “neck lift Bellevue”. Targeting Bellevue (a nearby market) as well as Kirkland has continued to increase their SEO presence.

realdrseattle® continues to manage, improve, and update the SEO on to ensure it continues meeting search engine standards. With their new SEO optimized website, Northwest Face & Body has seen an increase in leads and achieved their goal of becoming a formidable online presence.


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