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My website bounce rates have dropped since using Price Simulator and my conversion rate increased dramatically.



Previously, realdrseattle® re-designed and optimized the Sarasota Surgical Arts website: After the launch of the new website, Sarasota Surgical Arts went from having around 1,000 visitors per day to upwards of 10,000 per day.

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With this increase in traffic, leads naturally went up. However, still only around 1%-2% of visitors to the website submitted leads through phone or contact forms. The remainder of the traffic either viewed the site and left without submitting a lead, or bounced. Even with an overall increase in leads due to more traffic, Sarasota Surgical Arts was seeing around the same conversion rate.

Image of Case Study #1 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

At realdrseattle®, we began researching why users did not submit leads or bounced off the site. In our research, we found that users on did not want to provide their name, but were often willing to provide a phone number or email address.

In addition, website visitors wanted a way to find the price quickly. If users cannot find the information they want in a timely manner, they will likely bounce from the site and go to a competitor that provides the information they want.

As part of our re-design, we built a Price List page which listed all of Sarasota Surgical Arts’ plastic surgery prices. However, even with a page dedicated to pricing, many website users did not want to search the page for the procedure in which they were interested.

The realdrseattle® identified that the implementation of the Price Simulator web application was built to:

This establishes first contact with patients and creates a memorable experience. Improving a website visitor’s experience makes them less likely to bounce from the site and more likely to submit a lead.



Once we identified the reasons and motivations for website visitors not converting, the realdrseattle® team set to work installing the Price Simulator on the Sarasota Surgical Arts website.

The concept behind Price Simulator is not only to increase leads. While this is certainly an advantage of the application, the first and most important goal is to educate website visitors and improve their experience.

Price Simulator achieves this through an easy to use interface that makes it quick and easy to find the body areas and procedures that a user is interested in. Instead of having to hunt through procedure lists, the user identifies the body area they want to enhance and can see all available procedures.

Visitors to the Price Simulator first see this (zoomed out for detail):

Image of Case Study #1 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

Clicking on their area of interest, the user can then identify body part or area more specifically:

Image of Case Study #2 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

For example, users interested in procedures for their brow can select the brows to learn about the brow procedures offered at Sarasota Surgical Arts:

Image of Case Study #3 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

Upon selecting the procedure(s) they want a price quote for, they are met with a prompt to provide their phone number and email:

Image of Case Study #4 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

Once they enter these fields, their instant price quote loads on the page:

Image of Case Study #5 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

This quote will also be sent via email and text. This gives the website user two more ways to convert and get information.

The use of custom and colorful graphics makes getting a price quote interactive and easier for website users. They can navigate without too much reading and can usually receive a quote in under five minutes.

For Sarasota Surgical Arts, they can follow up on the quote using the lead information provided. As discussed earlier, one of the leading reasons that website visitors do not submit quotes is that most contact forms require submitting their name. The Price Simulator does not require a name which entices the user and makes them more likely to convert.

The Results

Following the implementation of Price Simulator on, engagement on the site went up. Visitors were more likely to visit more than one web page and less likely to bounce when they submitted a Price Simulator price quote.

Engagement rates went up overall which increased the number and quality of leads Sarasota Surgical Arts received.

Image of Case Study #6 - Price Simulator: Sarasota Surgical Arts.

While Sarasota Surgical Arts engagement rates had gone up following our re-design, the realdrseattle® team knew we could improve the amount of engaged users on the site. Placing Price Simulator on the Sarasota Surgical Arts website, increased their engagement rates and lowered the bounce rate of the entire site.



Sarasota Surgical Arts sees more traffic, lower bounce rates, and more leads due to Price Simulator. Along with more leads, Sarasota Surgical Arts and other clients have noted that Price Simulator offers more educated leads because users can learn about procedures in an interactive way.

realdrseattle® continues to improve our client’s websites with innovative tools like Price Simulator. Fully customizable to each individual practice, Price Simulator increases website engagement, educates users, and captures more leads.


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